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Holding Hands Up High


Support Groups

Open Groups

​Monday - 6:15pm-7:45pm 

Contact: David Saunders 

Wednesday - 6:30pm-7:30pm 

Contact: Eric Roberts

Thursday - 1:00pm-2:00pm  

Contact: Edi Guyton

Affinity Groups

Young Adult Support Group

Thursday - 8:00pm-9:30pm

Contact: Joanna Jungerman

LGBTQ+ Support Group

1st and 3rd Sundays - 7:00pm-8:30pm

Contact: Jade Royale-Brown​

The Connections Support Group is for individuals experiencing a mental health condition. A formal diagnosis is not required to attend. These sessions take place in an intimate, confidential setting. By sharing your experiences in a safe and confidential environment, you can gain hope and feel a sense of connection. The group encourages empathy, productive discussion, and a sense of community. You'll benefit from others' experiences, discover your inner strength and empower yourself by sharing your own experiences in a non-judgmental space.

LGBTQ+ Connections Support Group is for those living with mental illness who also identify as LGBTQ+. This group is led by trained LGBTQ+ facilitators living in recovery.​

​NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group will help you:

  • Aim for healthier coping skills

  • Find strength in sharing experiences

  • Forgive ourselves and reject guilt

  • Embrace humor as healthy

  • Accept that we cannot solve every problem

  • Understand that mental health conditions are no one's fault and can be traumatic experiences

Peer to Peer Classes

Peer-to-Peer is a free ten-week recovery education course that offers a holistic approach to recovery. This course allows individuals diagnosed with a mental illness to share experiences and gain further insight into their mental health.  Participants come away from the course with a binder of hand-out materials, as well as many other tangible resources: an advance directive; a “relapse prevention plan” to help identify tell-tale feelings, thoughts, behavior, or events that may warn of impending relapse and to organize for intervention; mindfulness exercises to help focus and calm thinking; and survival skills for working with providers and the general public. Graduates of this course experience new hope and inspiration in regards to recovery.

Peer-to-Peer is taught by a team of two trained “Mentors” who are personally experienced at living well with mental illness. This program offers a relaxed and confidential setting.

The outcomes of the Peer-to-Peer program include:

  • Participants share experiences with other peers who are also working towards recovery.

  • Gain further insight into mental health.

  • Gain knowledge of how to cope with difficult circumstances.

  • Learn to identify feelings, thoughts, behaviors and events that can result in a possible relapse.

  • Learn how to be an active participant in your treatment plan.

  • Learn how to strengthen interpersonal relationships.

  • Experience new hope and inspiration in regard to recovery.

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